To ensure that Sant Pau’s website runs properly, its navigation system and software collect certain browsing data (referred to hereinafter as cookies) which are necessary in the use of internet communication protocols. Cookies are small text files that the browser stores when you browse websites and applications. They can collect the IP address used by a computer to connect to a website, the URL address of said website, the time of connection and other parameters relating to the operating system of the user’s computer. Data of this nature are not associated with any one person, as no personally identifiable information is stored; rather, data is collected solely to identify the session as a way to facilitate website analysis.

Cookies are stored in the user’s browser memory, although the information they contain is not used. In this section, we will provide specific information on the cookies used by the Sant Pau website and address the most common ways of deleting or deactivating them. Users have the option of adjusting their browser’s privacy settings should they wish to control the website’s use of cookies. If you disable the use of cookies completely, certain features of Sant Pau’s website may not work properly.

1. Managing cookies

Although Sant Pau does not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information, we would like to share information on how users can restrict or block the use of cookies when browsing Sant Pau’s website. We recommend the website to users who would like more information and details about managing cookies.
Moreover, the part of the website at provides information on how cookies are managed by different web browsers.

2. Cookies stored by Sant Pau

When users browse the Sant Pau website, anonymous information is stored to facilitate access to its content.

3. Cookies from third parties

The Sant Pau website also uses cookies and technologies from other companies. Google Analytics is used to track and analyse website traffic (more information) and Google Maps is used to indicate the geographical location of the discussed content.

For more information about the cookies used, visit

4. Cookies from third party websites

Photos and video content from websites such as YouTube and Vimeo are sometimes embedded onto the information and entertainment pages of Sant Pau’s website. As content of this nature is added to our website from elsewhere, it is possible that the websites it is taken from have cookies of their own. Sant Pau has no control over the dissemination and management of these cookies and we therefore urge users to review those websites’ privacy policies for more information.

If users share content from Sant Pau’s website on social media, they should be aware that these websites may use cookies when users create their account. Sant Pau does not have control over the dissemination and management of these cookies and we therefore urge users to consult these websites’ privacy policies for more information.